Backpacking RRG

There are many great options for backpacking in Red River Gorge.  For specific locations on where to camp in the Gorge please check out the Top 7 Camping (or backpacking) Sites in Red River Gorge.

If you are looking for great backpacking loops, most are modified or the same version of the day hikes already listed on this site.  The following are our favorites.

  1. Combine the long Gray’s Arch Hike and the Ledford Arch Hike. (7.2 miles – unmarked)  Camp out on Pinch em Tight Ridge or one of the other unmarked trails.
  2. Complete the one of the Indian Staircase Hikes. (5.0 miles – unmarked.)  It would be better to not climb the Indian Staircase and instead stay on the Sheltowee Trace as it would not be safe carrying a backpack over the Indian Staircase.
  3. Complete the Double Arch, Auxier Ridge, Courthouse Rock, Star Gap Arch, and  Arch of Triumph Hike (8.2 miles – unmarked.)  This is probably one of my favorite loops in the Gorge.  This hike is mostly along official trails so there are not as many good camping options on the route.