Hikes in Red River Gorge

These hikes are published here represent a variety of half day and full day hikes in Red River Gorge area.  Some are great for families and novices as they are relatively easy to access and enjoy, one of the easier and more enjoyable hikes is Hidden Arch.  Others are more appropriate for experienced hikers.  All of the descriptions clearly specify in the ratings and trail description the type of hike it is.  All hikes start and end in the same location.  Loop hikes do not require backtracking to return to the beginning.  Hikes that are not labeled loop will return via the same way you arrived.  Mileage is listed is for the total hike including the return portion.  It is easy to modify and combine many of these hikes if you have 2 vehicles and can shuttle and leave one at both ends of a hike.

An unmarked trail is an unofficial trail, and therefore is not marked in many or all maps and has no signs on the trails designating it.  Many of these unmarked trails are used so much that they are extremely easy to find and follow others are more difficult to navigate.  To experience an easy hike on an unmarked trail check out Half Moon Arch.