Top 10 Hidden or Secret Hikes in Red River Gorge (unmarked trails)

Please note, all of these hikes follow unmarked trails.  An unmarked trail signifies that part or all of the trail will be on “unofficial” trails.  Some unmarked trails are easy to follow, while others require a map, compass and navigating skills.  Some of these hikes are well known and often used like the Indian staircase while others like Friendship Arch are just waiting for their next adventurer.

  1. Indian Staircase and Indian Arch with Adena Arch (3.0 miles  – difficult)
  2. Double Arch, Star Gap Arch, Arch of Triumph (5.6 miles  – moderate)
  3. Timmon’s Arch (4.5 miles – moderate)
  4. Red Byrd Arch (3.2 miles – difficult)
  5. Cherokee Arch, Rat Windows, and Mushroom Arch (2.0 miles- difficult)
  6. Turtle Back Arch & Rock Bridge (4.0 miles – moderate)
  7. Friendship Arch & Friendship Tube (1.2 miles – difficult)
  8. Snow Arch, Double Deer Arch, and Hopewell Arch (2.0 miles – moderate)
  9. Ledford Arches (5.4 miles – difficult)