Hidden Arch (2.3 miles)

Hidden Arch

SUMMARY: Hidden Arch is one of the easier hikes in Red River Gorge, and contrary to its name, it is easy to find by following well marked trails.  We like to hike this trail in reverse as it provides a nice overlook just after leaving the arch.

RATING: Easy hike (approximately 2.3 miles total.)

BEST TIME OF YEAR TO HIKE: Early spring when flowers are blooming or autumn when you can catch the fall colors.  The USDA Forest Office is located in Winchester, Kentucky about an hour from Red River Gorge. For up to date information either stop in the Ranger District Office, visit their website or telephone: (859) 745-3100

AMOUNT OF TIME NEEDED: Allow less than a half of a day (1-2 hours) to enjoy this hike.

Hidden Arch


  1. From rest area at exit #33 off of the Mountain State Parkway Turn left, and go to end of road (.3 miles)
  2. Turn Right onto KY 15 (5.1 miles)
  3. Turn Left into Koomer Ridge Campground Road (0.1 miles)
  4. Park in Koomer Ridge Trailhead Parking Area (on left)


  1. From the Koomer Ridge Trailhead Parking Area, go back across campground road to trailhead.
  2. Follow trail #208 Hidden Arch Trail (stay left at split) until it crosses another part of the campground road (0.1 miles)
  3. Cross campground road and follow trail #220 Koomer Ridge Trail. (0.9 miles)
  4. Turn left at 2nd sign to trail #208 Hidden Arch Trail (skip the 1st sign allowing you to hike in reverse.)
  5. Follow trail #208 Hidden Arch Trail to Hidden Arch (0.4 miles)
  6. Continue on trail #208 Hidden Arch Trail ascending stairs passing nice view point.  (0.5 miles)
  7. Turn right on trail #220 Koomer Ridge Trail. (0.3 miles)
  8. Cross campground road and follow trail #208 Hidden Arch Trail (stay right at split) and arrive at Koomer Ridge Trailhead Parking Area (0.1 miles).

This hike can easily be combined with the Silvermine Arch Hike as it leaves from the same parking area or both are popular hikes for campers at Koomer Ridge Camground .